How Relationships Can Future-Proof Your Insurance Agency

The Internet has changed consumer behavior from the way it was 20, 10 or even five years ago. Many customers today are accustomed to instant access of nearly every piece of information including images and video. Obviously, consumers and businesses have become more and more connected on the Internet via phones and computers. For insurance companies and other businesses based on relationships, this radical shift has had significant effects on their businesses. This is a trend that will only continue in the years to come.

Insurance Agents Can Continue To Leverage Relationships

In today’s connected world, the main question is how insurance agencies should adapt to future proof their agencies or continued success? Many insurance agents have created their businesses through relationship skills, building trust from clients. The dilemma facing insurance agents now is how to exploit the changing model of relationships to their advantage.

Customer Relationships Are Moving Online

As consumers’ lives have changed, the old ways of creating or nurturing relationships must evolve. Consumers and businesses will always need insurance, and people still prefer a relationship when doing business. But more relationships will be established online in addition luncheons and real world activities. Simple ways that you can move to cultivating relationships online include the following:

  • Make sure your website is listed on local sites like your chamber of commerce and local associations.
  • Join online discussion groups and actively participate.
  • Register a Twitter account so you can tweet and engage with your network.
  • Establish a YouTube channel and post videos about your insurance agency and helpful topics.


There is no formula to establishing new relationships as communication tools are constantly evolving. The idea is to grow and engage your real world network in the online space.

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