How the Rise in Mobile can Help your Insurance Agency

160810576More and more consumers are moving towards mobile devices for their shopping, and that’s good news for insurance agencies. The rise of mobile means more ways to reach out to your leads and clients, as well as new opportunities to fit your products into their lives.

Three Tips For Working Mobile Into Your Insurance Marketing

Have A Mobile-Friendly Website
For starters, mobile is a great way to drive people to your insurance website. However, it’s important to have a mobile-friendly insurance website. If your website is still designed for desktops, and doesn’t render well on mobile devices, it’s well past time to fix that.

If possible, use an adaptive design, so that people get roughly the same experience regardless of the device they’re on. Also, try to avoid using a mobile-only insurance website, of the sort that look like “” When Google is indexing its pages, these are counted separately from your main page, so it cuts into your SEO.

Creatively Engage With People
Beyond driving people to your website, mobile is also a great opportunity to engage with your clients and leads. Recently, the American Family Insurance company tried out a new mobile campaign, based around games and other interactive elements rather than traditional advertising. The result was an amazing 73% engagement rate.

Consumers will engage with virtually anything put onto their devices, as long as it looks like it would be interesting or entertaining. The rise of mobile is your chance to look beyond your insurance website and its advertising, to find new ways to reach out to your customers and clients.

Consider Their Context
When putting together mobile campaigns, you should always keep in mind where and when your recipients are likely to see them. This is where market research is a big help. Design campaigns that will fit in at the time and place people will be, rather than being an intrusion.

Mobile is changing the face of advertising, and it requires a bit of give-and-take with your leads. However, from driving website hits to inspiring clients to interact, it’s a great marketing opportunity.

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