How to build Twitter Followers for your Insurance Business

insurance_online_marketingWith the boom of social media, it’s important to keep looking for ways to expand your own network of online followers. Twitter is a great way to promote yourself and establish your brand as a quality insurance agency, plus it’s great for your insurance online marketing strategies as well.

Plenty of Twitter followers means plenty of people with your website at their fingertips.

Seven Top Tips For Building Your Insurance Agency’s Twitter Followers

1. Ask your existing clients to follow you.
You’ve already got the relationship established, making it a quick and easy way to quickly boost your insurance online marketing stats. Toss in a discount or other small token gift, to increase turnout, but don’t make it too big.

2. Follow trending hashtags.
Everyone remembers Oreo’s 2013 Superbowl tweet, sent during the game’s blackout. If you can find relevant ways to jump onto trending hashtags, it’ll get you a lot of exposure. However, the key word here is relevant. Otherwise, it’s spamming.

3. Include plenty of pictures.
There are plenty of ways to embed links to image-sharing sites into Twitter, and direct picture attachments are reportedly coming soon. Either way, pictures get shared, so everyone that your followers pass among themselves is helping your insurance online marketing strategies.

4. LiveTweet industry events.
Is a trade show or exposition coming to town? Keep the social media updates flowing. If other industry insiders enjoy your running commentary, you’ll pick up a lot of influential followers quickly.

5. Hold Q&As.
Live online events always attract some attention, and Twitter makes an always-available forum for Twitter Q&As about the insurance industry. Pick topics where people are likely to have a lot of questions, to give yourself a chance to shine.

6. Don’t be all business.
Find ways to loosen the collar, at least a little. Does your agency sponsor any local events or groups? Tweeting about local events you’re attached to is a great way to get crossover appeal. Sponsoring Little League still pays off.

7. Time your tweets.
Consider your audience, and when they’ll most likely be looking at their devices, otherwise your Tweets may go unseen.

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