How to Conduct Effective and Condensed Meetings

Effective Meetings Start Here

Have you noticed that participants in your meetings look bored, take their phones out, and don’t engage with the topic? Maybe it’s time to make a few changes to how you conduct meetings. Condensed meetings can be very effective. Here are a few ways to host meetings that save time and allow everyone to participate.

Before the Meeting

  • Objectives
  • Attendees
  • Schedule

Whether your meetings happen once a week or once a month, be sure to plan them out. Even if the team is just focusing on weekly goals, try to set up an objective specific to each meeting. Take the time to identify the one objective for your team to solve by the end of that meeting.

Not everyone needs to attend every meeting. For those who don’t really need to be there, attending meetings can be a frustrating waste of time better spent working with clients. Have a manager or department representative collect everyone’s updates and speak on behalf of the group. Alternating representatives weekly is a good way to host small meetings that still effectively represent large teams.

Staying on track is very important. If you notice that one topic keeps coming up or someone is carrying on for too long, consider scheduling another meeting for that topic alone. Something that is not important to you at that particular meeting may represent an important project for someone else. Make sure everyone gets time to speak.

Do Something Fun

  • Catering
  • Outing
  • Bingo

Every meeting doesn’t have to be completely conventional. Host a meeting that people want to go to.  You may not be able to provide catering at every meeting, but having snacks or coffee is always a good way to pull in people. Meetings don’t always have to be in the same room. Try booking a different staff room or meeting somewhere outdoors. If you want to really try something different, create a simple bingo card that lists the different topics that will be covered. Keep the participants on their toes (and their attention focused) wondering what the next topic will be and if they will get to shout “bingo!” by the end of the meeting. There are multiple free sites online that will randomly generate bingo cards for you.

Meetings don’t have to always be dry, long, and boring. Try out a few of these tips for the next meeting you host. Changing the way meetings are conducted may improve attention and participation.

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