How to Deal with Negative Feedback Online

If you’re going to do any small business marketing online these days, you gotta have thick skin!

Here’s our quick small business marketing guide to how to handle online criticism with grace and aplomb!

Winning and Wooing When Criticisms Appear Online

Basically, whenever public criticism appears, take it as an opportunity to demonstrate your good character. Online consumers are extremely suspicious of companies that seem to hide behind corporate masks of bland legalisms. These online forums let you show your human side.

1. Take Real Criticisms Seriously
You can generally tell when a customer is legitimately upset, and has a valid complaint. If all else fails, just ask yourself whether you’d be upset if you were in their place. These are times to talk to the customer, and try to get an idea what it would take to fix the problem.

Even if you can’t win back every customer, the feedback is invaluable. It used to take companies weeks or months to even start to get an idea they’ve released a product people are having trouble with. Nowadays, reports spread within a matter of days. That means you can get it fixed that much more quickly too!

2. Post Updates On Past Promises
If you tell people online you’re going to fix a problem in your product, you’ll have to keep on it. Keep people updated on how things are going – it gives you great material for Facebook and blog posts, as well as giving people more insights into your processes. It also helps ensure people believe you when you say you’re going to fix something, which is also important to your small business marketing.

3. Never Get Drawn Into Fights
No, never. It just never works out. Always be pleasant and helpful. You can show personality, but if someone starts escalating a situation, you should immediately try to de-escalate it. If that just spurs them on, consider just moving on. Walking away is always an option during online interactions with your fans.

4. Eyes On The Prize
Remember, the goal is sales, plain and simple. The more people you can appeal to, the better it’s going to be for your bottom line. If you need any other reason to make sure to truly listen to your customers online, just remember – if you give them what they want, they’re more likely to buy it.

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