How to Make Long Tail Keywords Work for Your Insurance Agency

How to Make Long Tail Keywords Work for Your Insurance Agency

Long Tail Keywords: What They Are and How to Use Them

Keywords are selected words that are related to your ad campaign that users enter into a search engine. Strong ad campaigns use words that are strongly relevant to what the ad is offering.  There are 3 types of matches: broad, phrase, and exact keyword matches. To grab users that are searching for a specific product, long tail keywords could be the most effective tool for conversions.

Why They Work

  • Specific
  • Fewer impressions more conversions

Long tail keywords are keywords selected for your ad campaign that are 3-4 words long and are highly related to your business. Long tail keywords are useful when a potential client/consumer knows what they want and are ready to purchase. Because the user knows what they are searching for, their searches will be worded similarly to “storage insurance that covers water damage” rather than “storage insurance.” In this example, the user has already looked at different types of insurance available for storage units and is interested in a policy that covers water damage. A long tail keyword that could attract this user would be something like, “storage insurance for water damage.” Google will then have your ad pop up anytime someone inputs a similar search phrase. Since a keyword phrase is longer than normal keywords, fewer people are likely to search for them. However, they will be more likely to click on your ad because that keyword phrase matches exactly what they are looking for.

Making it Relevant

  • Multiple products
  • Blogging

The insurance that you’re trying to offer may be very specific and require multiple ad campaigns. Using Long tail keywords will help even more if you have them linked to a specific page on your site. This is how blogging can really help grow your insurance agency. You can write a blog that specifically relates to your long tail keyword and the policy that you’re advertising. This can also help with your search engine optimization (SEO) by providing a page that’s full search terms relevant to your campaign. By having that specific blog, you are now proving to the user that you offer the policy they are looking for as well as providing further information about that policy, what it covers, and why they need it.

Because long tail keywords are so specific, the bidding competition on Google Ads should be very low. Try using these keywords in addition to your normal ad campaigns to reach a very targeted audience.

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