How to Optimize Your Youtube Account for Search

Insurance_SalesWe’ve discussed how video can drive your insurance sales previously, and the key to that is properly optimizing your YouTube account for maximum search engine exposure. YouTube accounts and uploads can be tweaked to improve their SEO, and ensure your message is seen.

Higher YouTube Search Rankings Bring Insurance Sales

  • Always complete every form. Google, which owns YouTube, always gives preferential ranking to accounts and uploads which are 100% profiled. It’s a small detail that only takes a few minutes, but will pay off with every search.
  • Include a Closed Captions script. The process is simple, because YouTube can detect the beginnings and endings of lines given a plain text script of the video. This opens it up for translation as well, bringing you a global audience as well as better keyword ranking.
  • Your title is short, with a keyword. Keep your title to 66 characters or less, as that’s the cutoff for display. Always include one of your primary keywords in the title as well.
  • Add a link to the description. In the description field, add a link early on that goes straight back to your website. It gets you a few extra leads for free, as well as favorably affecting your rankings.
  • Your tags are your keywords. Don’t overthink the tags section when uploading your videos. Unless you’re deliberately piggybacking on an established trend, like the #harlemshake fad, your tags should be the same as the keywords your targeting in the video and linked materials.
  • Post SD videos. These days, cameras capable of recording in at least 720p are only a couple hundred dollars, if that. 1080p is quickly gaining in popularity as well, as screens continue to gain resolution and 4K looms on the horizon. If you’re still posting Standard-Def video, upgrade to HD soon.

A great series of YouTube videos can give your insurance sales a big boost, but only when proper search engine optimization is deployed. When you take a little care with your video uploads and descriptions, it can pay off with significantly higher search rankings.

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