How to use facebook hashtags properly

Insurance_Online_MarketingIf you haven’t heard, #hashtags have come to Facebook, and they create another excellent option for your online insurance agent marketing playbook!

Hashtags on Facebook work like they do on other systems. All you have to do is stick a pound\hash sign (#) in front of a term, and it turns it into a clickable link. When clicked, readers get a list of posts using that hashtag.

So, how can you use these in your own insurance agent marketing strategies? Here’s four ways!

Four Great Ways Facebook Hashtags Boost Your Insurance Social Media Marketing

1.Tag niche topics.
Don’t just tag #insurance or other basic words, or your posts will get lost in the shuffle. Search for hashtags to use sort of like you do your SEO keywords – you don’t want totally common words. Niche topics, like specialty areas of insurance or location-based information, are a good middle ground.

2.Piggyback on hot trending topics.
Hey, that’s what hashtags are for, and don’t forget that your social media feed is supposed to be fun for your readers as well! There’s no shame in jumping on a bandwagon every now and then, especially if you can add content or otherwise do more than just a me-too.

3.Use the same hashtags across your social media.
Again, like with your SEO keywords, be consistent about your hashtags. Use the same ones on Facebook, Twitter, and any other systems that support them. This makes them more prominent, as well as making it more likely your fans will see them.

4.Encourage fans to use your custom hashtags.
Stay social with your social media. Encouraging your own fans and followers to use your hashtags in their own posts is a perfect way to spread the word about your online insurance agent marketing and promotional strategies!

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