Google My Business: What Is It and How to Use It?

Google My Business: What Is It and How to Use It?

What is Google My Business?

What pops up when you Google your business? If only your website shows up, then it’s time for you start managing your insurance agency’s Google listing. Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool available for anyone to use. With a registered business, when someone Googles you, your Google business page will pop up on the right hand side of your search. This will provide searchers with your business location, reviews, contact information and pictures.

Improve your SEO

  • Update your listing
  • Respond to reviews

Once you have created your listing, it’s time to beef it up and keep it updated. Having a complete GMB page helps increase your SEO since people will be more likely to click onto your website when they see your Google page pop up in search results. Including recent photos and an accurate description of your business hours helps viewers see your agency as active and professional.

Reviews can be difficult to manage. They represent your company, and you can’t shut them off with GMB. Your clients are going to trust reviews. If you happen to have negative reviews, be sure to address each negative review publicly and politely so that people reading the reviews have a sense of your customer service.


People can ask GMB questions about your insurance agency. Keep notifications on so you have instant alerts when a new question is asked, answered, or someone leaves a review.

Many people will see your GMB listing before deciding to click onto your website. Think of it as a cover letter for your website. It briefly describes your agency, your location, your products, and how many people have used it. It’s worth the time to set up a Google My Business and start inviting clients to leave a review on your listing.

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