How to Use Twitter to Market Your Insurance Business

Using Twitter to Market Your Insurance Business

Handled correctly, Twitter serves as a helpful resource for marketing. Handled incorrectly, it “can quickly become an unmanageable wall of noise,” as Social Media Examiner’s Stetzner put it.

As consumers become increasingly tied to their social networks and mobile devices, insurance agent marketing trends point to social media. This means Twitter definitely deserves your consideration. But just adopting Twitter isn’t the same as optimizing it. For the best marketing results, you need to know the way people use this lively network.

First …

Find out if your best customers and prospects even use Twitter. Though it joins Facebook and LinkedIn as one of the “big three” networks, Twitter is more of an acquired taste – the down-scrolling layout of its pages and the brevity of its 140-character messaging attract some people and turns off others.

Do a quick survey. It may confirm that Twitter is the ideal media for your audience, or you may learn that LinkedIn is the network of choice.

Got the go-ahead?

Set up your Twitter account as you would a personal profile page. As an insurance agent, this page becomes the foundation for the content you share and the messages you deliver to your followers.

  • Top the page with a colorful banner that brands your agency. Give it your professional name and your logo if you have one. discount domain Then write a brief sentence about self-storage insurance services, and include links to your website and/or Facebook page.
  • Create a schedule of tweets that keeps your page visible to your followers but doesn’t wear out your welcome (overtweeting is a Twitter faux-pas that can quickly get you unfollowed). In general,up to 5 good tweets a day can help build your follower base, while Mashable noted in 2012 that the “tweet spot” for frequency was four per day. No matter how many tweets and retweets, make each one relevant to your customers’ insurance questions, or entertaining enough to gain extra attention.
  • Choose your follows in a way that underscores your agency’s professionalism. Following your clients is seldom a poor choice, but augment that with connections to local and national news that affects insurance coverage; Twitter members whose companies complement the self-storage industry (such as a pack-and-ship provider); and other insurance professionals whose insights can provide value to your followers.
  • Write engaging hashtags to accompany the content you’re promoting, from blogs to videos. “The Twitter hashtag is the new neon sign,” declared one marketing consultancy. For a self-storage customer in a “tornado alley” area, a hashtag like #tornadotrends tells them that you are providing content that can help keep them and their possessions safe.

Keep up the momentum

  • Give as good as you get. It’s great when your followers retweet your content – and just as great when you’re the one doing the retweeting. Active sharing of the best content helps build your credibility and forges better bonds with followers and follows alike.
  • Publicize your feed with “Follow me on Twitter” link on everything from your homepage to your email. On print pieces like business cards and direct mail, create a QR code that jumps to your Twitter page.

Tap into Twitter power

Understanding how Twitter works separates the successful marketers from the also-rans. Your strategic use of this blockbuster social network can take insurance agent marketing to new heights of engagement.

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