How To Value Sports Memorabilia

Many sports fanatics consider their sports memorabilia to be their most valuable possession. Some people are willing to spend a lot of money to get a key piece of sports memorabilia. Collectibles can vary widely in price and quality, and the factors used to ascertain quality can also vary. For example, if the memorabilia is a signed piece, then there has to be letter of authenticity to verify the signature. If the memorabilia is a photo, then the size of the image matters. Whether the photo is in a plexiglass case, framed or mounted also affects the value of the photo. Consider the following points when you’re thinking about the value of sports memorabilia.

Buyers Have To Beware

Sports memorabilia has been in high demand for a long time. This has prompted many people to create fakes. Unsigned football jerseys and a collectible photograph with a forged signature are examples of fake collectibles. Playing cards may also be reprinted. While an authentic playing card may be worth thousands of dollars, a reprinted one may only be worth a few dollars.

Do Your Research

Try to protect yourself by doing a little research of your own. If you want to purchase a piece of sports memorabilia that has been signed by your favorite athlete, then you will need to do a Google search and study their signature. Perhaps the best way to ensure that you purchase authentic memorabilia is to buy from the league’s official store.

Buy Approved Sports Memorabilia

There are many types of sports memorabilia. However, there is one factor used to classify them that is universal. If the memorabilia is authentic, then it will have been examined and approved by a professional authenticating company. The Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services and Professional Sports Authenticators are organizations that can determine whether a piece of memorabilia is authentic.

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