How Insurance Businesses Should be Using Hashtags

Are you looking to maximize your marketing efforts for your insurance business? If so, you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of using hashtags. If you are using text messages, emails, phone calls, websites, and even physical direct mail, you also need to be implementing hashtags into your marketing material. Here’s why.

How to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a common sight on almost every social network. They are most often used on Instagram and Twitter, but can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook as well. They organize your post with other hashtags publicly. When someone searches that term, your post will pop up chronologically with other posts using that hashtag. This is great for getting your content out there and seen by the audience you want. On Twitter, there will often be trending hashtags that change daily. Instagram is a little different. Some people follow specific hashtags, and posts with those tags will then appear in the feed of those following that tag.

How to Use Hashtags for Your Insurance Business

You can also use hashtags to help with your own branding! You may have seen branding for a company or event using a hashtag. Because of search features, you can create your own hashtag, search it, and see who is using your tag! This is why it’s important to create a hashtag that is short, simple, and easy to remember. Your next step is to then use that tag in your posts and branding so it gets seen. Otherwise, no one will know about it.

Finding Content

Hashtags can also be used to help you find similar accounts and content. You may be surprised by which tags trend and which ones never take off. Finding an active hashtag (meaning people are actively posting to it) is a great way to start interacting with a like-minded audience. Follow and engage with accounts similar to yours, and you should start gaining engagement in return. You can use this method to learn more about your industry, your audience, who they are following, and what your competitors are posting about.

Are you using hashtags? Social media is no longer about spamming posts with as many hashtags as possible. They provide a way to reach and connect with your audience and help to enhance your branding. Let us know in the comments below if these tips were helpful for you.

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