How Your Insurance Agency Can give back this Holiday Season!

Insurance_SalesWhile we like to only think about the good things associated with the holiday season, the sad fact is that there are a lot of people out there who are going to be struggling through the holidays.  Some are struggling to afford gifts; others struggle simply to afford food.

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity for people in the insurance business to engage in outreach.  Small donations and activities here and there can ultimately pay off for everyone involved – you’re helping others, while you’re getting good PR (and tax deductions) back for your efforts.

Some holiday-themed giving is a great way to boost recognition of your insurance business, so we’ve got some ideas!

How Your Insurance Business Can Reach Out During The Holidays

1. Canned food or gift drives
One of the simplest things you can do is simply set up a food or toy drive, along with a partner charity like local soup kitchens or Salvation Army locations.  A couple boxes in front of your office inspire passers-by to give, and your firm can donate as much as they want directly as well.

2. Matching contributions
If you have a large lead or client list, try to get them in the holiday spirit.  Offer to match donations that your clients make to holiday charities.  It inspires them to act, and provides an easy way to extend your firm’s outreach.

3. Host a charity dinner
If your clients are more upscale, consider a catered charity dinner.  A high per-plate fee ensures plenty of money is collected, and you can often attract wealthy local donors by going this route.  Try having a very specific cause – such as a single family in great need – to help attract more donations.

4. Coverage discounts
If you know some of your clients are having a hard time making ends meet, consider giving them discounts on their coverage during the holiday season.  The odds against disaster striking are low, and in the meantime, even a small gesture like this can often win a lot of customer loyalty among those you help.

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