How Human Is Your Insurance Agency?

Does Your Insurance Agency Have the Human Touch?

Many businesses have discovered the benefits of posting content online via social media, and your agency should also be actively posting online. It’s common for an agency to set goals to make at least one social media post a day. However, posting daily can sometimes add up and become a time-consuming job. With all the tools available online to help make social media easier, it’s important to avoid letting your social media activity fall into inhuman and robotic posting habits. Here are three posting habits that can cause your agency to lose its human touch.

Too Much Selling

How many of your posts are about your products? Every post shouldn’t be about sales, especially on social media. Social media is a place for your clients to engage with your agency and build a relationship. Take a minute to change up a post to be educational! Educate your audience about your policies, networking events, risk management tips, and other interesting topics.

Over Posting

To add variety to your posting routine, try the 3-5-2 rule. Some platforms aren’t the best for posting more than once a day. If you have a lot of content to share, Twitter and Instagram are the places to go. These two social media giants have feeds that are great for posting frequently. Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to post content up to three times a day and receive private messages from followers. Some agencies will pay or install third-party applications to automatically post and share relevant posts so that their social accounts are always active. Your followers are real people; they’re not going to want to follow posts that appear to be written by automation rather than an actual human.

Recycling Content

Twitter makes it really easy to re-share content and communicate with other agencies. However, too much re-sharing can make your followers’ feeds look repetitive. Your posts need to stay in tune with your brand. If you’re posting too much content that’s not about your agency, your followers can lose sight of what your agency is all about. In the case of a viral article, get on that and share it, but change up the message to coincide with your agency’s brand.

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