Humanity in the Workplace

Corporate work life can cause sensory overload. Writing emails and hosting endless meetings can be taxing mentally. It is important to remember that whether you’re an insurance agent, a manager, director, or play another role in your company, it isn’t always about being a robot and fulfilling mindless tasks. Although some days make us feel like a cog in a machine, we are more than that. It is important to uphold humanity and kindness in the workplace. Here are our tips for giving your workplace a refresher course on the human kindness.

What is Humanity in the Workplace?

We all have a need for work-life balance, acceptance, purpose, growth, and safety within our daily lives. When these needs are lacking, we feel a drop in quality of work output and satisfaction. This can be a huge problem if some people are working from home and not communicating with other co-workers or for those people working alone in a big empty office space. Here are some ways to humanize work-life experiences.

  • Keep in contact with co-workers through email, video calls, or phone calls
  • Check up on one another
  • Set goals
  • Organize monthly or quarterly meetings with managers to stay on track and grow
  • Give positive feedback
  • Take breaks throughout your day
  • Use your PTO

The workplace, whether at home or in an office, is still a place of community. You and other co-workers are not machines simply surviving the daily grind. You need more than just challenging work and an endless supply of coffee to keep going. Perhaps your department can set aside some time to give thanks and recognize one another for all the hard work that’s been accomplished over the year as well as make plans for improvements in the New Year that will benefit everyone.

Do you and your co-workers or team members meet on a regular basis either in person or by video or teleconference? Share your ideas in the comments.

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