What To Do When the Market No Longer Demands Humans

Can you imagine the insurance agency of the future being managed by AI and robots? New tech is being developed all the time to make the life of an agent easier by eliminating simple tasks. But does this mean that one day humans may be unnecessary? The thought can be an uncomfortable one.

Autonomous everything

Many things are being developed to be autonomous. We live in a time where it’s normal for an autonomous device to make your coffee in the morning and schedule meetings and social media posts on your behalf. In a few years, it may be common to have a vehicle that operates itself and drives you to work every day. These technologies are designed to make life easier and eliminate the mundane and repetitive tasks humans face daily. Their purpose isn’t to eliminate jobs. However if they become efficient enough, that could be a possibility. The idea of technology replacing insurance agents is an interesting topic, but it’s a reality that won’t be happening any time soon. Here’s why.

Replacing an Agent

Have you heard about Google’s latest service? You can use Google’s AI to call a business and find out their business hours, ask a question, and even set a reservation. The AI calls the business for you, speaks with a real human on the line, and then sends you the response. This is an incredible achievement for AI that still has flaws; however, it is nothing compared to what a real human is capable of doing.

Some days it may seem like your tasks are always the same. But unlike a manufacturing assembly line, no robot or AI can handle unexpected changes, differentiate tone of voice, offer empathy, or connect in a human-like way, all of which are skills commonly employed in the daily tasks of an agent.

In the future, AI could be used to help narrow down policy options for a client or analyze the potential risk of a prospect. However, there will always need to be a human in charge and available to connect with clients in need. Insurance agents provide a level of understanding and creativity that is too complex for AI and may be unattainable for decades.


Who knows? The insurance agent of the future may be a machine with advanced AI. But if that ever happens, it will be far into the future. For today, focus on being the best agent you can be for your clients and your agency and embrace available technologies to help work more efficiently and provide better customer service.  How do you think technology will change the business of insurance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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