Start the New Year with an Impressive LinkedIn Profile.

With 2020 now behind us, it is important to move forward into 2021 with a fresh look that will make a statement. It is important to keep all social media accounts updated and active, but LinkedIn should be the one you start working on first. LinkedIn is a professional representation of you and your agency or business. Keeping it updated will reflect positively on you. Here are the steps to help make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Update Photos

Your profile is comprised of your main profile image and a cover photo. It is good housekeeping to update your profile image every year or two. Your LinkedIn profile photo doesn’t need to be updated nearly as often as it may on other social media platforms, but in this case quality is also important. This means having a professional image. You should look professional, and the photo needs to be at resolution high enough to avoid looking grainy or pixelated when enlarged. In other words, a cell phone selfie may not be the best choice.

Freshen Up Content

When is the last time you edited your information sections? LinkedIn has multiple profile sections where you can add information about yourself. Reflect on your professional improvements over the past year or two. Have you had a title change or learned a new software program? These are the areas where you should show off your skills and be proud of the accomplishments you’ve made. Another great idea is to rewrite or refresh the existing information, especially if it’s been a few years since you last updated your profile.

Skills Assessments

LinkedIn now has a newer feature for skills assessment. Other LinkedIn users can endorse you on the skills that you have selected. Now there is another step. You can take a quick skills assessment test created by LinkedIn. This can add another level of authentication to your experience.

Keep Contributing

Once your profile is updated and refreshed, it is important to stay active on LinkedIn throughout the year. When people view your profile, they want to see what your interests are and the circles in which you’re an active member. Contributing to content by sharing and commenting on posts will help grow your presence within the LinkedIn community.

Do you have other tips for us? Share us your thoughts about using LinkedIn in the comments below.

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