Improve Customer Service with Data Analytics

Technology allows us to do more than just see who visited our website and set up ads to target audiences. Using online tools correctly can help insurance agents communicate with clients and improve customer service. There are many tools available to help improve your outcomes. Here are some options that are free and widely available to help you with customer service.

In App Analytics

Many social media networks already include their own analytic metrics. You can use these tools on Instagram business accounts, Twitter profiles, and Facebook pages. Follow these metrics weekly to measure your average engagement. It won’t take long for you to start to notice trends in what works and what doesn’t work with your audience. Getting to know how your audience reacts to content and better understanding their demographics are the first steps to improving customer service.

Direct Message / Chat Support

Social media provides the option for users to send you a direct message. Why not invite them to do so? Use the power of a call to action in your comments to get people talking and asking questions. If you get a lot of messages from clients, it may be a good idea to set up bots with a question tree to filter out and answer common questions. Clients like to know you’re going to be responsive and answer their questions. Unlike email, the expectation with social media is that communication will be quick with response times within one or two hours. If you have a high number of messages coming in, a bot may be an effective tool to deal with the most commonly asked questions. Having a direct conversation with your clients is a great way to improve customer service and address their issues. Social media is one way to accomplish that, but don’t forget other methods such as in-person meetings and phone calls.


Reviews are an indirect way to show off your customer service skills. Reviews don’t always come naturally. You’ll need to be creative and offer an incentive for people to leave reviews. Unhappy customers tend to be more vocal, so sometimes you’ll need to put in effort to get more positive reviews. Stay alert to every new review by checking Facebook, Google, and Yelp throughout the day. This can easily be done by signing up for email notifications anytime a new review is posted. Don’t let too much time pass before replying to reviews – and, yes, you should reply to all of them. If you don’t have time for that, then make it a priority to deal quickly with every negative review. Leaving a public response shows others that your company is responsive and will make an effort to resolve issues as they come up.

These tools are all free and readily at your disposal. Learn to use every feature they offer so you can do your best when working with clients. Let prospective and current customers know that you’ve got their back by using these effective customer service tools.

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