Insurance Agency Management: 3 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

Agency Management: 3 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

As a busy agency owner, it’s critical that your employees have the ability to work independently and productively, allowing you to focus on sales. The following are four ways you can increase agency productivity without having to hire additional staff.

  1. Establish a basic training program out of the gate.

    It’s not always easy breaking in a new hire. By having a basic employee training program in place, you not only can get new workers up to speed quickly, but they will learn how to do their jobs properly from the start. And, while putting together a training program takes time, establishing one now will save you time in the long run. Be sure to evaluate your training program every year and make necessary updates to improve processes and procedures.

  1. Empower employees.

    Nobody likes to be micromanaged. Plus, hovering over an employee for the better part of the day is a waste of your valuable selling time. Instead, allow your employees to feel empowered to make suggestions and choices about their own time management and organizational strategies. Whether the employee is a front desk receptionist or a key producer, autonomy will help them feel more confident in their abilities. To encourage staff engagement, regularly ask them for input regarding ideas and strategies for improving processes in the agency.

  1. Make content management and social media accessible.

    Content marketing and social media is a big part of growing your insurance agency, but managing it shouldn’t fall 100 percent on your shoulders. To the extent appropriate, allow employees to share content, announcements, and updates on the agency’s social media profiles. Establishing a written social media policy is a good way to ensure that employees understand how to conduct themselves online while representing the agency.

Employee productivity has a big influence on any agency’s bottom line. Be proactive and look for ways you can yield better results by improving your team’s efficiency.

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