Improve Your Negotiation Skills

Throughout many aspects of our lives, we are going to need to negotiate. However, due to your occupation in the insurance industry, you may be utilizing this skill more than others. Negotiation skills, luckily, are not something you are magically born with. They are skills that you can learn and improve over the course of your life and career.

Here are a few tactics to know before you head out to your next meeting.

The most important thing you need to understand is that you need to be prepared before you ever start a negotiation. Without preparation, you are not going to be able to really engage in proper negotiation. If you start making deals without the required preparation, you’re going to be coming up with figures or offers off the top of your head, which the other party may use to their advantage.

When you are in the midst of a negotiation, do not make it a game. You do not want the other person to feel like they’re losing. Do not damage your relationship with this person just to cut a deal. If possible, try not to even start discussing a deal during your initial meeting. Take the time to really get to know what the other party is looking for so you have time to prepare before giving them an offer.

Continue to demonstrate an abundance of respect during the entire process. When you are ready, begin by introducing general considerations into the conversation. Don’t make actual offers at this point – just throw a few ideas out there to make sure you understand what they want and have an idea of how they feel.

When you are in the negotiation process, make sure to showcase the value of your proposition. Stay engaged and be sure to listen openly to their responses. Negotiation is a give and take, but make sure you both are walking away with something of value.

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