Improving your Customer Lifecycle

Your customer lifecycle is an important consideration for both your clients and your business. You are going to want to make sure this cycle is engaging and productive.

One of the first areas to address is establishing your presence. This happens at the very start of your customer lifecycle. You want your first moment of contact to be memorable and pleasant. You’ll want there to be some sort of hook that will lead them to remember you into the future. A few ways you may want to continue to establish your presence:

  • Run Facebook ads in your community
  • Network in your local area
  • Send out direct mail and/or promotional postcards
  • Keep the articles on your site up to date

Next, you are going to look at the end of your customer lifecycle and start thinking about retention. Once you have started gaining clients, retention should be your focus. Once someone has become a customer, it can be easy to forget about them or take them for granted. In order to continue your customer lifecycle, you should make an effort to keep them happy. Be sure to thank them for their ongoing business and remind them that you sincerely appreciate referrals they may send your way. If you have kept them satisfied, it shouldn’t be difficult to convince their friends and family that your agency provides quality service and expertise.

You can see the value of these efforts by analyzing your customer growth every year, comparing acquisition and retention costs. Then you can add one more comparison by looking at your new clients based on whether they were referrals. This exercise will give you an idea of how you should proceed in the future. Keep track of where on the customer lifecycle you have the most fall-offs and work toward improving those areas every year.

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