Increase Your Insurance Agency’s Local Visibility

Being visible on the web and having all-around great SEO is not going to do much for you if your company mainly attracts business locally. You may already know how competitive insurance is, especially if you’re paying for pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Just getting your agency seen can be hard. This is especially true if you are not part of a national chain or if you are an independent agent. Shift your strategy over to local SEO and begin dominating the search engine results of your local market.

Remind Clients to Review You

You may have already noticed that if you search for “insurance” plus your location your business may come up on a local Google map along with your local competition. Google has a review section for businesses. Start encouraging clients to review your business and make sure you have claimed your business profile on Google and Yelp to have slightly more control of the information displayed there. While you shouldn’t pay or bribe customers to write these reviews, you can definitely inform your biggest supporters that these places exist and truly benefit your business. Having these reviews up will help your visibility on search engines and boost your reputation right away because positive information will be displayed when someone searches for your business.

Set New Keywords

If you are already blogging and optimizing your SEO, make sure to start setting your primary location in your keyword phrase. For instance, if you’re an agent located in Arizona, set the phrase to “Arizona insurance agent.” Putting your geographic location in your keywords means that your agency is more likely to start popping up when people search for local services.

You can help your ranking even more if you add your location to a part of your URL or if you build a landing page specifically for your state or city.

For example:

Or if you only want to market in your state:

Reviews and keywords will only get you so far. Remember to stay engaged with your social media outreach and use those social channels to deepen your local reach. Work hard to connect and then maintain that connection with your target market.

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