Information to Provide a Lead Before the Call

Information to Provide a Lead Before the Call

Information about you and your agency can be just as important to prospective clients as the products and services that you have to offer. Last week’s blog post stressed the importance of having your contact information on every item that gets handed out or could be seen by a lead. Let’s say your lead has your information and has clicked onto your site. What information about you and your agency are you providing for that lead? It’s a good idea to talk about more than just policies, quotes, and claims.

Before you do in-depth research about your lead’s wants and needs, take a step back and ask yourself a few questions. What does this lead know about me and my agency, and what would the lead want to know?

What You Offer

  • Products
  • Quotes

When a lead clicks on your website, the first page should show why your agency is a great choice. What products do you offer? What types of insurance do you provide? Remember that not everyone who is looking at your website may be familiar with certain insurance terminology. Make sure your website is attractive and feels inviting. A website is a part of your agency’s personality; you don’t want it to be dull or difficult to navigate. Do you have a section for quotes? Not everyone likes to make a call, so have an option for people to submit a quote online.

About You

What separates your insurance agency from the others? Does your website talk about your agency? Letting your company’s personality shine through on your website may be that welcoming element that wins a lead over. Offer resources that provide detailed information about your agency, your services, and your coverages.

  • FAQs
  • Reviews
  • Blogs

Be sure to include a section that addresses frequently asked questions. This lets the lead know that the agency doesn’t expect them to know everything and you’re here to help and inform. Reviews are another way to provide information about why the lead should choose you over another agency. Leads want to know what it will be like to be your client and whether your agency offers hassle-free and high-quality customer service. Aside from all of the things your agency has to offer, having a blog is a good way to communicate to both current and prospective clients about any company news or updates, educational information, and upcoming events in which you’ll be participating.

Remember, your website doesn’t have to be strictly about the agency’s policies. Keep in mind the elements that leads look for in a website and use that insight as a way to distinguish your agency from the competition.

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