Get Your Insurance Agency Seen On Instagram

Decoding Instagram to Boost Your Visibility

If you are using Instagram to promote your insurance agency, there is news you need to know. Instagram has changed up its algorithms a few times here and there over the past two years. Recently, Instagram finally announced why it displays content in the way that does. It used to be that the newest content would be shown first. Now, the top post in your feed could be a post from three days ago. Here’s why.

Top of the Feed

The top of your Instagram feed is going to be the content that Instagram predicts is the most interesting and relevant to you. This is why having a theme for your agency’s Instagram account is so important. You need to stick to your area of expertise. Because of this, you must follow other accounts that are similar to yours. Instagram is no longer about how many people are following you. If you have followers that don’t care about your insurance agency and just followed you so you will follow back, your content will never reach the top of their feed.

Interest and Relationship

Instagram doesn’t want brands and models to be the only thing that you see on your feed. Part of the algorithm involves who you are interacting with and who is interacting with you. This is why social media is about more than just posting content. You need to be commenting and liking the content of your followers. This increases the likelihood that they will remember your agency and engage with you in response.

Time of Day

No matter which social media platform you are using, time of day always matters. What makes Instagram’s algorithm unique is it will only show you content posted since your last login. If you check your feed at 1pm but only scroll through five posts and exit out, Instagram may not show you the posts you didn’t look at when you login again at 5pm. It’s always going to show the newest posts since your last login along with the most relevant content at the top.

These new updates are why engaging with your followers and getting them to engage back is so important. To be an effective marketing tool, your agency’s account needs to be relevant, interesting, and engaging in order to reach the top of the feed on your clients’ screens.

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