New Metrics for Instagram?

Have you ever opened up your Instagram after a couple of days and been overwhelmed with the number of notifications? For someone who pays close attention to their followers and activity, it can be difficult to see where and when the likes/follows occurred. Instagram is now making those metrics easier for users to break down.


For a few months, Instagram has been testing a feature on Android devices that separates new likes and old likes. Sometimes your notifications can all blend together if one of your posts blows up, or if it’s been some time since you last checked your account. Instagram also has been working on taking out the numbering system that tells you how many people have liked your post. This update emphasizes who liked your post and when rather than the number of likes.

No More Third-Party Tracker Apps

For Instagram creators, another new update is coming online to help users track the growth of their following. Many people use third-party apps to see who unfollowed them. Instagram is working hard to eliminate the use of these apps and is now adding that metric into their insights.

It is possible that this feature will be added later to regular and business accounts.

What Do You Think?

Although these changes appear minor, it’s no secret that Instagram has been coming out with a lot of updates lately. Will any of these features improve how you use Instagram? Let us know in the comments about features you’d like Instagram to add.

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