Instagram Tips for 2019

In 2018 we saw a lot of changes to Instagram such as the growth of video posts over pictures. In 2019 the changes kept on coming. Now, we are seeing fewer posts altogether! Right now, it’s all about stories.

What is an Instagram Story?

  •         Visible for 24 hours
  •         Combines pictures and videos
  •         Easy to edit

An Instagram story is a collection of pictures of videos you want to highlight and show to your followers, but don’t necessarily want to incorporate into an entire post. You can string together as many photos or 10-second videos as you want straight from your camera or saved photos.

Instagram stories appear on the top horizontal feed on your main page and last for 24 hours. You can create special lists to show your story to a specific set of people, make it private, or make it public.

Stories are short, simple, fun, and highlight small details of your day. Instagram users are trending away from posting daily on their pages to posting just on their stories. You can add quick and easy effects to your pictures or videos by adding stickers, location stamps, polls, and even music. Stories are a fun way to engage your followers.

Not Gone Forever                                                                                    

Although the posts remain visible for just 24 hours, Instagram keeps an archive of your stories. You can choose to feature a previous story and pin it onto your profile. This way visitors and followers will see that you have something pinned that you want them to click on. It’s a great way to get users to interact on your page. Even better, you don’t have to feature a previous Instagram story. You can also choose to make one from scratch as a feature. Use stories as a tool to highlight FAQs, a fun day, or important messages. There are many ways you can utilize stories for marketing purposes.

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