Use Instagram Story Highlights to Provide FAQs for Your Clients

How to Use Instagram Story Highlights to Provide Important FAQs for Your Clients

Creating an Instagram story is a new creative way for insurance agencies to communicate with clients. A story runs for 24 hours, and you can add photos, text, or video to show your viewers what you do throughout the day. After 24 hours are up, your story gets archived.

Until recently, Instagram stories disappeared every 24 hours. At the end of 2017, Instagram had an update that allows users to have story highlights. This feature takes archived stories (stories that have been previously created) and allows you to pin them onto your profile for however long you want. You can also pin multiple stories. Having multiple stories means you can have one that features your company’s policies along with a link to your site or feature some FAQs using Instagram’s text option. It’s an excellent chance to let your creativity shine.

Instagram is a visual place, so it is important to know all the different ways you can use the story highlight feature to be creative when showcasing important information for your clients.

Be Creative

  • Use text and images
  • Post videos
  • Pin multiple stories
  • Showcase policies
  • Post FAQs
  • Analyze your insights

Viewing a Story

When someone is viewing an Instagram story, it’s similar to a PowerPoint presentation. They can tap to see the next slide, or tap and hold to freeze the video or text that is on screen. There is no worry about putting too much information on the screen since the viewer can “pause” the information.
This gives you to option to be creative. Instead of adding a lot of text onto one slide, add additional text to the next slide. When the viewer taps to see more, the new information will pop up. This will keep your viewer feeling engaged and your story from looking cluttered with too much information on every slide.

Story Insights

Instagram’s analytics, Insights, work on story highlights as well. This allows you to see how many new users your story brought to your profile, how many people have watched your story, which slides they skipped over, and what information they skipped back to reread. The insights feature really helps monitor the information you put out and how your clients respond to it. A user also has the ability to respond to a story through a direct message, so be sure to leave a call to action that opens the door for a client to ask you questions.

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