Add Style to Your Instagram

Just because your Instagram account is focused on insurance doesn’t mean that it needs to be serious at all times. Give your brand an identity and have fun with. The internet is a place of expression and social interaction, so don’t be afraid to put personality into your account. Here are a few creative ways to ad style to your posts.

Hashtags and Emojis

Hashtags and emojis are your friend, especially on a social media platform like Instagram. They capture the attention of your viewer. Think about it – a post of two paragraphs of just straight text is going to look dull. You can use hashtags and emojis to break up those paragraphs so they look more visually appealing. Social media is all about catching the attention of your viewer, and emojis can help enhance your post’s caption to grab their interest.

Formatting has a lot to do with how your audience views your content, and hashtags can be a big help in that respect. There are a few different ways that you can use hashtags. You can use them throughout your post, at the end of the post, or separately in the comment section. Using too many hashtags can look like spam, so some people choose to hide the hashtags. You can hide hashtags by first typing your post then placing a period followed by an indent followed by another period before adding your hashtags.

Polished Instagram Bio

Your bio is the most important part of your account! That’s how people will get to know who you are, what you are, and where you are. You can add personality to your Instagram bio by including emojis and having an interesting quote or a few short facts that describe you or your business.

A newer feature that’s been around for a while now is stories. You can customize your stories to be about anything. Use this tool to create content that answers frequently asked questions or is interesting for readers to look at. When visitors first come to your profile, they’ll see your profile image, bio, and stories before seeing your feed. This means that the content that in your bio is what makes the first impression.

Follow these tips to improve your Instagram. An account with personality is more likely to attract a higher number of followers and achieve higher engagement. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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