Why an Insurance Agency Needs a Digital Approach

In stark contrast to how easy it is to order most services or products online, most people find it very difficult to determine and acquire the insurance coverage that is both practically and financially appropriate for them. This is partly because many insurance agencies are unable to readily provide for every possible specific scenario that a given customer may need. However, by appropriately embracing the benefits of doing more of their business online, agencies can better articulate their products and services digitally.

Using the Internet can improve the following three areas of an insurance broker’s business:

Improve Your Marketing and Online Trust

First, improving the marketing for your agency’s online presence is the most direct method of increasing the rate that potential future clients decide to engage with your services. In order to get potential customers to consider you as a trusted and credible advisor online for insurance matters, you should invest money into a website, digital advertisements, and an e-newsletter for your agency. Furthermore, you can establish an active presence and persona on social media, live chats, and podcasts.

Digitize More of Your Admin

Second, as your insurance agency would need to deal with any variety of concerns from any number of customers at any moment, it is important to digitize as many facets of the account management process as possible. By using modern technology, you can automate the process of recording clients and dealing with their paperwork by establishing a client management system, use online fax services to send out and receive information without the need for physical equipment, use screen-sharing technology to provide your services to clients you cannot meet personally, and attract younger clients with mobile applications.

Help Save Time

Third, an online management system for your agency can perform all kinds of administrative duties for you, letting you focus more of your active work time on scouting and attracting potential clients. If you invest in this, you would no longer have to take it entirely upon yourself to locate multiple clients within a shared area, reassign existing clients to other agents, and archive policies that may no longer be up to date.

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