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MiniCo - AllianceLet’s talk about the marketing avenues you have taken in your insurance business so far. We have covered social media marketing, other ideas to create and promote your insurance brand and ways to treat current and future clients. Have you thought about building an alliance? If you are a new insurance agent or an agent who wants to improve your agency’s marketing reach this is a must read!

Business to Business

What is a business alliance? A business alliance is an agreement between businesses, usually to motivate and improve service for the customer. For example, if you are an insurance agent who sells self-storage insurance, you may want to connect with all your local self-storage facilities and speak with the owners. Below are a few ideas to help you get started on your own business alliance.

Ways to Form an Alliance

~    Select a proper partnership for your intended goals. If you are going to build a business relationship with someone, make sure you are both on the same page. An alliance will not work if they are not working with you or do not understand the main goal.

~    Share the right information. One major issue businesses face is follow-through; if your partner does not have all the information they need to accomplish the common goal, how can they be expected to follow-through. Did the partner do what they said they would?

Who will you connect with first?


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