Are Insurance Conventions Right for You?

How Going to Insurance Conventions Can Up Your Sales

Have you considered going to an insurance convention? If you want to grow your agency, make a name for yourself, learn something, and network with others, then you should attend the next insurance conference that is near you. Here’s why.

Getting Out of the Office

There are many benefits to shaking up your work environment. A change of scenery can ignite inspiration and creativity. A fresh perspective can lead to new thinking and ideas. Being around the same office and the same setting every day can lull you into thinking the same ordinary day-to-day thoughts and ideas.

Meeting Others

Meeting like-minded people does not create more competition. When you attend a conference related to your industry, you will be meeting with different people who have dealt with hundreds of scenarios you haven’t yet experienced. Listen to the experiences of other attendees and learn from them. This form of networking is helpful to you and your coworkers back at the office. People who go to conventions tend to go to more than one a year. This is a good way to make connections and establish friendships with people who are constantly going out and learning fresh information.

Spreading the Word About Your Agency

A lot of conventions allow vendors. Attending a convention could be a perfect opportunity for your agency to set up a booth and speak to attendees. Including free swag giveaways is a great way to increase your insurance agency’s brand awareness with an entirely new audience. Use the opportunity of working at a vendor booth to improve on your communication skills, educate others, and get new leads.

Participating in industry-related events is a great way to build your personal experience and influence your agency in a positive way. Once you are back at your home office, you will have new knowledge that will make you stand out from other agents. Share that new information with others around you. Great creativity and ideas spring forth when you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Make a change this year and considering attending an industry-related convention!


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