How to get your Insurance Customers to Review Your Business Online

So many insurance agencies out there … and so much insurance marketing. How do you stand out from the pack?

Today’s inbound marketing tactics can help. The foundation of inbound is great content – blogs, videos and more – that directly address your customers’ interests and concerns and builds your credibility.

Few marketing tactics promote credibility as well as customer testimonials and reviews. After all, what sounds more convincing to you: a paid ad saying “we’re the best insurance agency,” or a client saying “you saved me a fortune”? Here are some insurance marketing tips to get your customers to review your business online.

Ask for reviews

Never hurts to ask!

  • Include “comments” functionality to your blogs and videos. Your Facebook page, of course, has the comments and “likes” built in.
  • A “how are we doing?” link on your website to a survey or e-mail can prompt clients to give you feedback that you may turn into a review.
  • When you meet your clients face to face, ask specific questions about their self-storage experience, then see if that feedback can contribute to a review.
  • Remind your clients to look for your business on Yelp or other consumer-ranking sites.

Turn your clients into stars

One of the advantages of inbound marketing is that you can create highly specific, engaging content for very low cost. Compare, for example, the cost of buying a 30-second TV broadcast spot ($$$$) to producing and posting a YouTube video that can run 2 minutes (virtually free if you use your own equipment).

Offer to feature your best customers in your videos, blogs and interviews. You can show how self-storage insurance has helped your clients, using their words and real-life experiences. A face-to-face interview makes people feel special, and a happy client is likely to provide some great comments.

And if the review isn’t so good?

Surprisingly, you can use negative reviews to your advantage as well. The key is response and transparency. Don’t delete the comment (unless profanity or some other highly objectionable words appear); don’t ignore it either.

Instead, address the issue quickly. Thank the client for posting, then acknowledge the client’s pain and tell how you plan to alleviate it. Yes, everyone will see a negative comment – but with your response, the overarching impression they’ll get is that you are committed to turning a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

But before you publish anything …

Get permission. Your attorney can help you draw up a release form to cover use of clients’ name, voices, quotes, photos and videos. Never use anyone’s name, face or words without permission.

And one big no-no

Never offer to pay, or otherwise compensate, a customer for a good review. Such tactics will eventually be found out, and your credibility will take a big hit.

Boost your profile with customer reviews

Good reviews resonate both online and in your direct mail, outdoor boards and other “outbound” insurance marketing tactics. Everyone likes a success story, and your happy clients likely have a lot of them.

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