Insurance Tips for Wine Collectors

Wine is always growing in popularity. Recently, collecting wine has become more common for people of many backgrounds rather than just a hobby of people from higher income classes. Whether you are interested in collecting or already have a collection, these tips are for you.

  1. Create an Inventory
    It is important to help you keep track of what is in your collection and its value. Insurance agents also need a copy of your inventory so that the coverage provided isn’t short of value in case of a claim. Inventory is something that constantly changes and needs to be updated. Values of wines can also change. Make sure the value recorded is by bottle and not as a whole collection. This way, if a specific section of your collection is damaged, it can be accurately covered. When adding to or selling pieces, be sure to save all documentation.
  2. Do Your Research
    When adding to your collection, try not to impulse buy, especially if you’re new to the game. Trends come and go. Keep to what you know and what you like. Eventually what you collect will have its time to shine. The same goes for insurance: Research to find a good policy before you commit. MiniCo Collectibles Insurance will cover your wine whether you store it at home, in a cellar far from home, or even in a storage unit!
  3. Hands Off
    Who doesn’t love to show off their collections? You’ve worked hard, so why not? It’s a great idea to avoid unnecessary handling of bottles. Wines age at different rates, and too much touching could disrupt the aging process. Don’t touch the bottles unless you must. In addition, handling increases the risk of accidents (that’s what insurance is for), and no one wants to see their favorite bottle shattered on the floor.
    There are more tips to be found about wine collecting on our website! Check it out at Get a fast quote on insuring your collection today.

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