Insurance Solutions for Self-Storage Facilities

Since 1974, MiniCo has specialized in insuring self-storage operations. We know one policy isn’t perfect for every business. This is why we offer a wide range of coverages and customization options, including specialty coverages specific for self-storage risks, to enable business owners and their agents to create insurance solutions tailored specifically for each business. Here are some highlights of available coverages:

Coverages for Self-Storage Risks

  • Customers goods legal liability
  • Sale and disposal liability
  • Limited pollutant removal
  • Business property and business income
  • Business liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • System protection
  • Deductible waiver option
  • Cyber and data compromise
  • Employee resident manager’s personal liability

In addition to our specialty business owner policy for self-storage risks, MiniCo also offers a range of supporting solutions and monoline coverages that provide additional coverage for self-storage operations.

  • Cyber insurance
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Wind/hail deductible buy-back options

MiniCo also offers free customized marketing materials and a prospect program for agents as well as resources to educate agents about the opportunities available for writing self-storage risks. If you would like to learn more about opportunities for building your book of business and gain specialized knowledge about specific industry segments, these resources are an excellent place to start.

  • Prospect program
  • Customized co-branded flyer
  • Coverages in action flyer
  • Videos and webinars

Detailed information about insurance solutions for self-storage risks and our customized agent resources are available on the MiniCo website. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or contact a MiniCo underwriter if you have any questions.

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  1. Chris Pederson

    I like how specific coverages can be made and tailored to a company and its needs. A ton of people probably assume that a self-storage unit is safe on its own. However, you never know if someone will target yours and rob it once you are gone.


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