Introducing MiniCo’s Safety Video Series for Self-Storage Operators

icon-safetyVDOSafety and loss control are important concepts for self-storage business owners. It seems simple, right? Facility owners and operators are responsible for providing a safe environment for employees, tenants and guests.

Lack of safety training and, perhaps more importantly, lack of safety awareness can result in costly claims against a self-storage business. As we have discussed in other articles, implementing a written safety and loss control policy along with an employee training program is a critical element of any operation’s risk management strategy. In addition to reducing potential claims, routine safety training supports the maintenance of a safe environment for tenants and mitigates the potential for incidents of employee injury.

With that in mind, MiniCo has embarked on an initiative to create a series of safety and loss control videos and other resources that can be utilized by self-storage owners, operators and managers. One of our key objectives is to create a valued on-demand learning platform to which owners and operators may direct employees for safety and loss control training on a regular basis to enhance safety awareness and understanding. Our overall goal will be to create a destination for owners and operators to utilize when seeking loss control and safety resources.

The first MiniCo Safety Shorts video entitled “Tenant Safety Checklist” is now available online at our website and YouTube channel. Each video created for the series will include a link to a quiz designed to reinforce the viewer’s retention of the subject matter.

Future videos in the series will address topics such as preventing slip-and-fall injuries, proper lifting techniques, ladder safety, lock-cutting safety and the safe use of equipment and machinery. MiniCo’s video series is intended to create awareness and enhance your facility safety education and training programs.

Do you have an idea for a safety topic that should be addressed in an upcoming MiniCo Safety Shorts video? Send your ideas and comments to me at

Mike Schofield
President and CEO

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