Keep Your Insurance Agency Cool During The Hot Months

It’s All About Staying Cool When The Insurance Agency Gets Hot

This Thursday is the first day of summer! Is your insurance agency office prepared? Don’t let fear of the summer heat keep you cooped up inside all day. Here is some helpful advice on ways to stay cool and productive during these hot summer months.

Getting to work

  • Stay cool
  • Avoid the sun
  • Lighten your load

It’s no longer dark out when you leave for work in the morning. Keep your car cool by using a windshield sun reflector to bounce the sunlight off your car while it’s parked. Also, if your windows aren’t tinted, that may be worth the investment. Tinted windows help keep out the heat from the sun and also block UV rays. No one wants to get sunburned while sitting in hot summer rush hour traffic.

If you commute to work with public transportation, consider wearing light colors, traveling lightly, and ordering your coffee iced.

Inside the office

  • Hydration
  • Desk accessories

Water equals hydration. Being dehydrated can make you feel slow and groggy. Before you refill your coffee, be sure to have some water as well. Look into getting a reusable insulated water bottle that can keep your drinks iced cold from 8 to 5. Ever heard of a USB fan? On Amazon you can find USB-powered mini fans that clip right onto your monitor.

Fun summer office activities

You can’t forget that summertime is supposed to be about fun, too. Bring some summer fruits to the next office birthday celebration or host an ice cream social potluck for everyone to attend. If the weather isn’t too hot, find some nice shade and enjoy your lunch outside. Getting out of the office and enjoying a change of scenery can help boost your mood and productivity.

As nice as it is to have the sun shining for longer, the heat can be overwhelming. Be sure to take care of yourself by following these tips and enjoy the sunshine.

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