Tuesday Motivation │4 Easy Ways to Kick-Start Your Morning

An insurance agent’s hustle never ends, but it has to start somewhere. Everyone acts like Mondays are the worst day of the week, but that doesn’t have to be true if you start off your week right. Here are a few tips that will help you feel more motivated and kick-start a successful week.

Weekday Blues

  • Little tasks
  • Small breaks
  • Change of scenery

Monday is similar to breakfast: it’s the day that gets your week moving and sets the pace. Some Mondays you may just not be feeling it. Whether you woke up in an off mood or you’re just generally down, give yourself something positive to focus on and distract yourself with throughout the day. Setting up little goals with breaks in between will help you get through the day while still being productive. Try taking a walk around the office every hour or two, eating your lunch outside for a change of scenery, and creating a healthy distraction for 10 minutes. When was the last time you changed your desktop background?

Find Your Focus

  • Too many tasks
  • Temperature
  • Music
  • Lighting

Multitasking can lead to procrastination when you have too many different things going on. Close out some of your internet tabs and direct your focus to one area. Do you have a trick that helps you feel focused? Keep a jacket at your desk or a little fan if you’re too cold or too hot. Try listening to some music that isn’t distracting. Also try indulging in your senses. A lack of focus can stem from boredom. Add a plant to your space or maybe some little string lights to change up the mood and scenery at your desk.

Organize your tasks into lists from biggest to smallest. Know when your mind works best and organize your day around the times that are best for you to get the bigger tasks done. If you are a morning person, try doing your biggest tasks at the beginning of the day and again later in the day when you catch your second wind. Try scheduling your smaller tasks for the late afternoon when your energy is low.

There’s no rule that says that Mondays have to be awful. By planning ahead and making a few small adaptations, you can start off each week in a productive frame of mind and keep the momentum going throughout the week.

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