Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

There are many different types of ad campaigns you can run on Facebook; however, one that is often overlooked is the lead generation campaign. Many times people create ads that will funnel potential clients to a landing page designed to gather information from the client. Why not cut out this process and gather a lead right after an action has been taken on the ad?

By utilizing and creating a Facebook Lead Generating ad, you can do just this. This type of Facebook ad is very similar to a website conversion or web traffic ad that you would traditionally use on Facebook.

This type of ad offers unique calls-to-action such as “Download Now”, “Sign-Up”, or “Apply Now”. These ads will then perform much like other ads you may have run through Facebook before. You will, however, have to create a form that will appear after the user clicks on your ads. This form can contain basic information like name, profession, phone number, or email. Form customization also allows you to create a few questions using multiple choice and short answer.

Once you finish setting up your ad, you’ll have to export your lead information. You can download directly from Facebook or you can connect your own CRM and make it an automated process. A very important note here: If you are manually exporting, be sure to keep up with the process because your lead information is only available for up to 90 days after the submission.

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