Local Facebook Marketing Ideas

If you and your agency are focused on a local market, there are a lot of steps you can take to build your Facebook audience to help you generate leads and get clients walking through your doors. First off, be sure that your Facebook info is up to date with your current location, hours and contact information.

When you are posting or looking for items to share, browse for local content. Being able to curate the local news or even upcoming events and attractions will help build your agency as a hub of your local community culture. While doing this, it’s also a great time to highlight other local businesses. For instance, you may want to give a little shout out to your local dry cleaner for always pressing your work clothes or that diner you frequent during lunch breaks.

Be sure you also share any positive reviews you receive. The reviews themselves do not even have to be from Facebook. If you see a Google or Yelp review that you want to highlight to build a bit of social proof about your business, just take a screenshot of the review and share it. Making a habit of doing these kinds of postings may encourage others to share a note about their experiences as time goes on.

The next time you find yourself at a local event, be sure to take the time to promote your social channels as well as your agency. You can do this by creating a photo backdrop with your channel information on it or by offering a reward when attendees like or share your page during the event.

By doing some of these things, you will begin to grow your local audience on Facebook and take the first steps toward using that audience to generate engagement and leads.

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