3 Tips to More Engaging Content

You can’t get far in social media research without discovering that content is critical. Having engaging and high–quality content is extremely important in the dense online market. The key here is the word “engaging.” If you haven’t yet noticed, the secret to social media success is captivating images. The content is important as well, but without an interesting cover photo your post is less likely to be clicked. Here’s what you need to start doing to achieve more clicks and a lower bounce rate.

Cover Photo

Before anyone reads your copy, they will notice the cover photo  on your ad or post. But with everyone scrolling through a feed that is full of imagery, how do you capture the attention of your audience? These tips will help your photo stand out.

  • Use colors that pop.
  • Crank up the sharpness of the image.
  • Use little text in the image.
  • Keep it simple,


Videos are the most recent trend on social media and have become more popular than static images. Naturally, people are drawn to movement and don’t want to look away immediately. Using videos in your post instead of a static image will increase the amount of time you have to grab the attention of the user. Here are some creative ways to use video.

  • Use a video for your Facebook cover image.
  • Create text videos or videos that quickly explain a product or service.
  • Build fast-paced slideshows to add movement to static images.

Get Help

If you’re saying to yourself, “this will take forever,” remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own and from scratch. Have you checked out Canva https://www.canva.com/ or Adobe Spark? https://spark.adobe.com/. These free-to-use tools offer trendy templates designed to help you easily create high-quality posts for social media. There are many customizable options, and they provide free stock images, too!

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