Make the Best Out of the Worst Reviews

Responding to Bad Reviews

No one wants to see negative reviews on their website or Google Business page. However, if it happens to your agency, you’re going to have to confront the issue. Here is a checklist of tips for addressing negative reviews.

  1. Fully Understand the Comment

Be sure to read the entire comment slowly and revisit the situation. Have a full understanding of the reviewer’s situation and emotions before responding. Take a moment to find out who dealt with the client and identify whether the issue was ever resolved. Sometimes reviews are mistakenly posted, are overly exaggerated, or refer to things that didn’t happen.

  1. Respond with Integrity

Responding with integrity means commenting on every review. By doing so, you’re showing readers that your agency takes the time to individually respond to each comment, the good and the bad. Not responding to some reviews may make the agency look like it is ignoring a complaint or cherry-picking the responses.

  1. Address the Situation Publicly

When responding to a negative review, your audience needs to know that you have addressed the issue. Replying to a comment privately makes the situation look unresolved. Remember, you aren’t speaking to the public. The client who posted the review is your main focus; however, hundreds of people could read your response and judge your agency’s customer service by it. Always be polite and professional.

  1. HEARD

    1. Hear
    2. Empathize
    3. Apologize
    4. Resolve
    5. Diagnose

Follow these steps to make sure the complaint is resolved and finalized and show proof that action has been taken. Once you have completely addressed the bad review and it has been resolved, follow up the last comment with a recap of how the situation was handled. This way the public will know that your agency not only takes the time to respond to each review, it also makes sure that complaints are fully addressed.

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