Making Testimonial Videos Part of Your Marketing Plan to Warm Leads

Testimonial videos need to be a part of your marketing calendar. They can help your buyers who are currently in the decision-making part of the sales funnel. It’s this simple push that can drive conversions. 

To be more cost-effective when filming testimonial videos, it’s a good idea to film a few of them at once. Try to get as many clients as you can manage to dedicate an afternoon to be filmed. This is probably the most challenge part of the entire process since you’ll be dealing with making the schedules of multiple people coincide. It’s important to remember that your clients are taking time to help you with likely no promise of  anything in return. Remember this fact when it feels like you’re rescheduling for the fifth time. 

So now let’s get this type of content down to a painless process for you and your clients. It’s a great idea to have a questionnaire already sent out to the interviewees prior to the filming day. Let them know what questions are going to be asked ahead of time so they never feel blindsided on camera.

You can also use this time to preview what they are going to say to make sure all the information is true. Do not edit their opinions of your agency, but if they’re referring to an agent on your team make sure that they’re using the name and that any specifics they want to talk about are factually correct. It will lessen the number of retakes you may need, and the less time this process takes, the better.

You can never give enough thanks to the clients who agree to be filmed, so make it easy for them and reward them however you can, even if you’re just providing lunch. Remember to pay back the favor as well. If there comes a time when one of your clients asks you for a testimonial, you should volunteer immediately.

Remember that you want to make the video believable.  Even though it’s a piece of content that has been filmed and produced by you and your team, it should still feel authentic. If your client gets a bit too nervous once the camera comes on – because, let’s face it, being on camera is pretty nerve-wracking – use cutaways to still shots or environment set pieces with the audio playing as narration. By adding in a variety of shots, you can create a piece that’s more visually interesting and will keep viewers’ attention longer.

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