Get More Out of Your Employees: Management Tips for Insurance Agents

A productive insurance agency is one where agents have the freedom to get work done and manage most of their own responsibilities. However, this can be difficult if a manager is overbearing, too controlling, or doesn’t communicate well. To have efficient agents at your agency, you have to have great managers. Here are some management tips for insurance agents.

Managing Without Micromanaging

Micromanaging can easily happen in the workplace when the manager does not trust employees, is overly involved in projects, and lacks loyalty. This can cause issues with communication and make co-workers feel unmotivated. It’s very difficult for someone to recognize these behaviors, so it is important to keep channels of communication open so that insurance agents feel open to discuss concerns with their manager or HR.

Trusting Employees

It’s easy for a manager to become over-controlling when they are tasked with many responsibilities. When a person in a position of authority has a lot of tasks but doesn’t know how to properly delegate them confidently, micromanaging can occur. When employees are being watched too often or too closely, it can stifle creative freedom and negatively affect productivity and morale. An agent who is not given their own responsibilities will not be as productive as other agents. Setting personal goals for each employee allows them to explore new challenges and grow within their position.


It’s very difficult for someone to recognize bad management traits in their own behavior. Therefore it is important to keep the channels of communication open so that other insurance agents can discuss their concerns in the workplace environment with management or HR.
Try building a good relationship with your supervisor. Discuss having a supervision meeting to assess personal goals. Pursing a common goal with your manager can help you understand where they are coming from and build a trusting working relationship.

As the saying goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Take some time to assess your own behavior at work and think about how you affect others around you. There’s always room for improvement. Better workplace management leads to a more successful company.

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