How to Market Your Insurance Agency on Instagram

MiniCo - Instagram BlogWhen you think about marketing and social media, does Instagram come to mind? Instagram, also known as IG, is a great way to connect with your clients while gaining new ones. Did you know there are 130 million active users on IG every month and that 1 billion photos are liked every day! IG can be used as a visual story about your brand or the services you provide.

Make Instagram Work for You

This is your opportunity to be creative. Think about who and what you are targeting. Pick three to five hashtags (examples are #insurance or #insuranceagent) you will use to represent your business in every post. It is good practice to post one to two times a day. For instance, one post can be about your brand or product and the other about motivation or inspiration. Remember that IG is a visual platform, so think outside the box when coming up with ideas for your posts. When running a campaign, create a unique hashtag that is specific to that campaign. This will help you keep track of the different campaigns you may have in the future.

Connect Instagram With other Social Media Platforms

Another great benefit to using IG is that it communicates with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you post from your IG account, it will post automatically to the other social sites as requested. This can help save time and increase your marketing efforts. If you are sharing posts on several social media platforms, try to keep your profile pictures the same to help build and reinforce your brand.


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