Marketing Tactics for Insurance Agents and Brokers

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Do you have an active marketing tactic for your agency? Marketing tactics promote the goods and services of a business with the goal of increasing sales and maintaining a competitive product.

3 Marketing Tactics You Can Start Using Today

  1. Social Promotion ~ Don’t be afraid to try something outside the box! Get your team together and come up with a few ideas to promote your product on social media. Keep track of the data from each promotion so that you can see which was successful and where you may need to improve.
  2. Event Promotion ~ From grand openings to anniversary celebrations, hosting a networking mixer of some sort creates an opportunity to increase future business. When planning an event, create a checklist and allow yourself enough time to plan and execute a successful event.
  3. Local Sponsorship ~ Get involved in your community through local promotions. Look at the products you provide and identify organizations in your community that may have a connection. For example, if you provide a product for collectibles insurance, locate an organization that is dedicated to antiques and collectibles and create an alliance.


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