Merging Traditional and Digital Marketing

Transitioning from a traditional marketing landscape to the digital universe does not need to be as scary as it may seem. However, the window for “early adopters” to this world of digital marketing has passed. If you are not engaging in digital marketing even a little at this point, you’re late.

There are benefits to having both a digital and traditional marketing presence. Digital marketing is a world at a constant state of evolution. There are a lot of things to learn, and it’s going to seem very overwhelming if you are coming in late. But, rest assured, there are similarities between traditional and digital marketing.

You’ll see a lot of correlation when it comes to things like headlines, content writing, and text ads versus images (or what would be a display ad online). The two biggest differences are the ability to interact with a campaign and measurement of results. Digital marketing encourages user interaction, and the results are more easily measured. Whereas traditional advertising tends to be static, and the results can’t be measured with the same clarity.

If you choose to continue investing in traditional print advertising, make sure you are working to create really eye-catching pieces and drawing attention to your ad. Look into more niche or local publication to run your ads, so that you have an awareness of the kind of audience that will be viewing your ads. 

Once you have a handle on who your audience is, you’ll be able to succeed more easily online. The various tools used to create online ads generally allow you to fine-tune the audience demographics or types of people who are going to start seeing your ads.

You can even play with the idea of merging your traditional and digital imagery so that the same images a user may see in print also show up on their Facebook or in an email message. Very often you will find that it take users a few encounters with your ads before someone actually registers what it is or clicks on it. While you should not always run the same imagery, it may be an effective option for specific campaigns to share a very similar style or elements that may help people recognize the ad and, as a result, your company.

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