MiniCo Announces Rebrand as a Jencap Company

This month, MiniCo announced our rebranding as a subsidiary of parent company, Jencap Group, LLC (Jencap) and member of the Jencap Program Administrators division. Under the Jencap umbrella, MiniCo has become one of the largest program administrators in the United States.

The company’s rebranding is not simply cosmetic. Jencap’s corporate motto “Better Together” is an accurate representation of the value that this new look brings to MiniCo’s valued producers, policyholders, and carrier partners. It acknowledges Jencap’s financial strength, portfolio diversity, innovation, and market access while reflecting MiniCo’s long-standing core values of collaboration, quality, agility, and client-focused service.

Our name and brand image have become widely recognized throughout the industries in which we specialize as a symbol of quality, integrity, profitability, and service-oriented expertise. We are thrilled to rebrand as a Jencap company and are excited to offer our agency partners full access to Jencap’s extensive portfolio of insurance solutions combined with the company’s strength and market leverage.

MiniCo’s portfolio of specialty insurance programs is backed by A.M. Best “A” rated carriers and serviced by the company’s experienced in-house underwriters and claim professionals. Detailed coverage information to include target classes, coverage availability, submission requirements, and applications is available at

MiniCo’s look is different today, but our dedication to our core values of collaboration, quality, agility, and client-focused service is unwavering. Thank you for your continued support of MiniCo’s self-storage insurance programs! We look forward to working with you.

Mike Schofield
President and CEO

minico insurance agency logo
minico insurance agency logo a jencap company

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