MiniCo’s New Look Means More For Self-Storage Business Owners

This month, MiniCo debuts our redesigned logo and branding, and we are very excited to share it with you. While the updated logo reflects the affiliation with our parent company Jencap Group, LLC (Jencap), it is not simply a cosmetic change.

Jencap’s corporate motto “Better Together” is an accurate representation of the value that this affiliation brings to MiniCo’s valued producers, policyholders, and carrier partners. The new branding also heralds the beginning of the next stage in MiniCo’s evolution as the leading provider of specialty insurance solutions for the self-storage industry.

Who is Jencap?

Jencap is one of the largest specialty insurance distribution platforms in the United States with expertise in a wide-ranging portfolio of programs and services. MiniCo is a part of the Jencap Program Administrators division, created to specialize in property and casualty insurance programs for unique industries and exposures.

Does MiniCo still specialize in self-storage insurance?

MiniCo’s focus on specialty insurance products for self-storage operations remains unchanged. Since 1974, our dedication to the industry has made us the leading provider of commercial insurance programs for self-storage operations of all sizes. In addition, we continue to experience growth with our tenant insurance program as we roll out more innovative model offerings. Our self-storage program area is staffed with underwriters and claims professionals focused 100 percent on self-storage businesses, and all are ready to work with your agent to address your insurance needs.

How does this change benefit self-storage professionals?

“Better Together” means that, under the Jencap umbrella, MiniCo now has access to additional insurance carriers, more underwriting expertise, and greater technology resources. All of this enhances our ability to offer a greater variety of products and services to our agents that represent you, the self-storage professional. The insurance needs of the industry are changing at a rapid pace. Cybercrime is on a dangerous upward trajectory, catastrophic weather-related claims are increasing in frequency and severity across the country, and then there is always the unexpected. These and other risks create a need for new and flexible insurance products to protect your business investment. Jencap’s financial strength, portfolio diversity, and market access provide a wealth of opportunity for MiniCo to develop specialty coverages for self-storage operations and give us access to emerging technology resources to enhance our service to both policyholders and insurance agents.

MiniCo’s look is different today, but our long-standing commitment to the self-storage industry remains unchanged. Our dedication to our core values of collaboration, quality, agility, and client-focused service is unwavering, and we look forward to working with you and your agents. Thank you for your continued support of MiniCo’s self-storage insurance programs!

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