Monitor the Success of Your Agency

Monitor the Success of Your Agency

How has your insurance agency been doing lately? If the numbers feel a little sluggish, take the time to reflect on your agency and the presence you have built both online and offline.

Google Your Agency

When did you last Google your agency? What comes up after the first link? Make sure that your agency has a positive presence online. This means checking out everything that comes up on the first page of Google and reviewing what people are saying about your agency on social media. Check on your phone, too. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? When reviewing links to your site, be sure to check the response/load time and look for typos, outdated information, and other changes that may need to be made.

Check in With Employees

An agency’s success is highly dependent on the agents themselves. Check in with your employees and ask how they are doing. Having little challenges around the office could be a good way to keep employees engaged at work. Try having an employee of the month recognition or handing out a small reward for anyone that goes above and beyond. These types of little perks could make a difference in the agents’ morale and performance.

Change Things up a Bit

Your audience can change and so can your company. After reviewing your Google results and employee feedback, what have you learned about your agency? If you’ve found a recent shift in the age of your audience and clients, you should consider changing the way things are done in order to retain the new people that are coming to your agency. Insurance can be a dull topic if not communicated appropriately. Brainstorm an engaging post online that’s out of your norm to draw attention and attract new viewers.

Capital One has recently started opening Capital One Cafes across the northeastern United States. These cafes are designed to entice younger consumers to approach professionals about their finances. Café attendees can sit down with a financial advisor over a cup of coffee and casually discuss their banking needs. You don’t have to go out and open an insurance café – just keep trying new ways to approach your different audiences.

Having a solid schedule and plan for doing things is a good way for an agency to stay on track. However, it is also important to always be trying new things. You want your agency to stay fresh, so be sure to keep up with these tips and continue to monitor your agency. Click here for more tips on how to keep your agency relevant with the content you’re producing.

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