More Sales: 4 Strategies For Increasing Lead Conversions

There are many different strategies for producing leads in the insurance industry. However, if you are unable to convert those leads into actual policyholders, you won’t make the sales you’re hoping for. Increasing lead conversion is important, and there are things you can do to get better results. Below are four proven strategies.

Provide Quick Turnaround

One of the most important determinants of whether or not a lead will be converted is the speed of the process. For example, you may have a process on your website that potential customers can use to request quotes. However, if it takes hours for a quote to actually be produced, you will likely end up losing that customer to a competitor that has a more efficient system that produces quicker turnaround.

Track Conversion Rates

However, the speed of the response to a lead won’t mean much if the process used doesn’t actually produce tangible results. This is why tracking the entire process is very important. You certainly need to know your conversion rates. You need to know what the conversion rate is for phone, e-mail, text messages and every other means you use to contact leads. Comparing conversion rates against other available data can help pinpoint problems and inefficiencies.

Have Personnel On Hand

Overall, the key to lead conversion is people power. You need to have staff that can handle the phones as well as your online leads. Trying to automate the system too much can alienate many consumers that want to speak to an actual human being. One great choice is having an instant messaging style chat line available on your website. Different employees can monitor the chat line at different hours in and out of the office to ensure that potential customers always have someone to talk to.

The Right Training And Attitudes

You also need to have the right personnel on hand. This requires training your salespeople on your insurance products as well as proven selling techniques that can convert curious leads into customers paying monthly premiums. It also means choosing staff that have a positive outlook and believe in their own ability to close the deal.

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